Monetize your visits

Audio guide that brings you back
You can collaborate with other professionals.
Payment for your content for your visitors.




Increase your income

Promote your creations and increase your income by making them available on tablets and smartphones.
Tour creators: find an audience for your content and sell your tours.
Site managers: Distribute content that affects your visitors. Learn more Tour creators
Learn more broadcast tours

Payment for your content for your visitors can be done:

- At the counter of your site or at the Tourist office,
- Online on in 1 click (direct debit from the telephone operator),
- By using your online reservation system. Learn more

Your visit can be free or paid

Offer free or paid visits for your visitors you decide according to your economic model Learn more

Transfer of earnings between professionals

Transfers are automated and supported by the platform.
-You distribute content: Guideo calculates, collects and distributes the commissions to your partners' destinations in your territory or your site.
-You are content creator: Guideo collects your commissions and pays you your income at regular intervals Learn more

Collaborate with professionals in your area

Any tourism professional can collaborate, but you can use Guideo without collaborating
- You can create and distribute your visit content yourself
- You can distribute content created by other professionals
- You can create content that will be broadcast by other
Guideo supports the transfer of your income to your account if you want to collaborate. Otherwise there is no transfer Learn more

Broadcast your visits

In all contexts, a solution for your visitors to access your content as easily as possible




By SMS and WhatsApp

From the Guideo platform send an SMS or a WhatsApp message that will contain a link to a visit experience

Learn more

At the access counter to your place

A code is printed on your sales receipt or your entry ticket. This access code allows your visitors to access your paid visit content Learn more

From an url on a paper document

On your flyers, on your posters, print an address that is easy to remember for your visitors (this address gives access to your content) Learn more


On your visitors have a search box in which they find your content Learn more

Send a link to your visitors using your online reservation system

Your booking confirmation email contains a link that allows access to your tour content Learn more

From a search on a search engine

Your visitors can find your content of visits on a search engine. You define the type of access (paid or free) Learn more

From your website

The audio guidance provided by guideo behaves like an extension on your website. A click on a link on your site gives access to the Guideo smart audioguide Learn more