Create visits to stimulate the engagement of your visitors

In a few hours : 1) Prepare and save your texts 2) Submit your content on the platform 3) Distribute and monetize your visits.




Your visitor's smartphone is their audio guide

There is no application to install from the stores (Google and Apple). Learn more

Creation of audio tours

The easiest. Download the audio comments on the platform Guideo. Your visitors listen to your comments adapted to each POI Leran more

Quiz creation

The quiz increases the engagement rate of your visitors during your visits Leran more

Creation of mixed tours (quiz + audio)

A visit is mixed when it contains content to listen to and quiz questions Leran more

Creation of temporary visits

Simplicity and pay-per-use allow you to create an audio guide for a temporary exhibition. Leran more

Creation of augmented reality experience

Guideo uses Wikitude to create tailor-made experiences Leran more

Works everywhere

Even if there is no network


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Your visitors do not have to download an application

Guideo provides your visitors with a PWA (the benefits of an app without the drawbacks)

Leran more

Indoors, outdoors

Guideo always provides the best solution for your visitors access your content. Navigation by cartel, by list, by GPS, you choose Learn more about GPS Learn more Indoors navigation

You can organize the continuity of the narration in your territory

Guideo adapts to simplify the visit of your visitors. Without application to download, your visitors using can discover content for all types of places, and link places tourist listening to the streets, nooks and crannies, neighborhoods, museums. Learn more

The right information at the right time

The visitor has the right information at the right time with geolocation fine indoors and outdoors Learn more

Even without a network

The contents are downloaded when there is network to allow if offline operation required Learn more