Capture and measure the attention of your visitors

Offer varied visit experiences adapted to different audiences and analyze the behavior of your visitors to better suggest




Capturing the attention

2 vectors of action to capture attention: The visit experience (quiz, audio, AR) and content.
Guideo by its simplicity allows you to segment your visitors and offer each segment personalized content Learn more

Measure the attention of your visitors

You have several indicators allowing you to measure the attention of your visitors during your visits Learn more

Improve the engagement rate of your visitors.

Real-time analysis of the behavior of your visitors allows you to improve the proposed visit experience point by point in all walking areas.

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Need a tailor-made solution?

Without losing the advantages of the platform, Guideo adapts to your needs



Creation help

With our base of 10,000 voices, writers, and influencers to help you create engaging content. Contact us for tailor-made requests

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Sound 3D: 3D for the ears

Binaural sound reproduces natural listening. This technique is interesting for the immersion it causes. The visitor finds himself, thanks to the sound, at the heart of the action. Associated with navigation by Bluetooth, your visitor is completely in the soundscape without any manipulation.
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Augmented reality

Guideo includes Wikitude technology to allow you to use augmented reality for the attractiveness of your visits. The video at the front of this site presents the case of Mumok (Example of a realization at Mumok technology Wikitude). We can create a completely personalized native application that can be associated with the other services of the Guideo platform.

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Interior navigation with Bluetooth beacons

What is it for? : Allows in a small space to automatically give your visitors information about the nearest POI
How it works ? : Your site must be equipped with beacons. A smartphone will detect the closest beacon and send the visit content associated with this POI
Benefits for your users: Your visitors do not have to enter a cartel number. The visit experience is totally immersive (the visitor focuses on the sound he is listening to)
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