We make your officeSimpler|Closer to visitors|More flexible|More profitable

Add new distribution channels to your communication packs

Bring a new way to inform customers about your partners

For tourist offices

Your partners distribute their information on your usual media (sites, guides, social networks): Create accessible visits in smart audio guides and add information from your partners

All visits to your OT may include these messages

Indoors, outdoors. All visits taken at the broadcast can be used to serve the advertisements of your partners

Messages from your partners

Are broadcast according to the parameters of your choice. (duration, size, visibility)

Source of income for your OT

No cost involved . This service is included in Guideo

For all professionals: Creating content for your visitors takes time, but you can monetize it very easily

It's simple

Create tours with the Guideo smart audio guide. 2 advantages : the customer journey is improved. Our advertisers pay you for each of your visitors.

All of your visits may include ads

Indoors, outdoors. All visits may be used to serve our governed advertisements. Ads are tailored to your audience and presented in timely ways

Keep control

Ads can be disabled. You have complete control over all revenue streams.

Income source

Boost your income by offering your advertising space to the largest network of online advertisers and serving ads tailored to your location.

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